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Insulated Waterproofing
ISO Bond System
ISO BOND insulated waterproofing systems are uniquely designed. They are highly insulating / sound-proof and 100 % waterproof with a backed-up guarantee for 10 years.

ISO BOND systems are designed mainly for metal roofs (IBR or corrugated) as well as low pitched tiled roofs, and roofs with internal boxed gutters.

ISO BOND systems can be applied to new or existing metal roofs, timber decks or low pitched tile roofs.

No need to remove existing roof structure or sheeting
Excellent insulating properties (warm in winter/ cool in summer)
100 % waterproof
10 year warranty (backed up by manufacture of waterproofing membrane)
Step 1) Cut roof sheeting flush with gutter.
Step 2) Fit polystyrene and hard board onto existing roof sheeting with self-tapping screws and special nylon washers.
Step 3) Fit galvanised flashing from ISO BOND board into gutters.
Step 4) Waterproof parapets/ ISO BOND board and gutters with 4 mm dual carrier torch on waterproofing membrane.
Step 5) Secure torch on membrane with rubberised bitumen flashing.
Step 6) Paint new ISO BOND system with aluminium UV protection coating.
Concrete Slab and Tanking Systems
1) Prime concrete surface with bitumen primer.
2) Waterproof concrete surface with torch on system.
3) Apply one heavy coat of aluminium UV protection coating.
All torch on systems are covered by a 10 year warranty and are backed up by the manufacturer.
Heavy Duty Waterproofing Systems

We specialise in various types of waterproofing systems for flat concrete roofs / under tile waterproofing / tanking.

Torch on systems
1) Elastomeric modified bitumen membranes with polyester carrier, flame torched onto flat concrete roofs and terraces. Torch on systems are also ideal for under ground tanking of retainer walls and cellars.
Cement based waterproofing: CEMEX
1) Cement based waterproofing systems (CEMEX)  are based on a latex/ cement compound saturated into special polyester membrane.
2) CEMEX  systems are ideal for under tile waterproofing ( tiles can be glued directly onto waterproofing surface). CEMEX systems can also be used for tanking , especially in damp conditions.
Waterproofing systems supplied by GERMAN BUILDING TECHNOLOGY:
UNIFLEX (double reinforced torch on system)
BOND TORCH & THERMOFLEX single reinforced torch on systems
ABE INDEX (mineral slate chipped torch on systems).
Acrylic & polyurethane waterproofing systems 
CEMEX (latex/ cement based waterproofing systems)
Slate Roofing
Our slate roofing department specialises in all types of natural slate roofs (MAZISTA / DURADAK and ELEPHANT slate) as well as EVERITE fibre cement tiles.
Conventional slate: fully overlapped natural slate nailed onto battens
Colours: silver-blue / west country or multi-colour
ALUMAZ slate: top nailed natural slate nailed onto battens in conjunction with a malthoid under tile membrane with aluminium UV protection foil.
Colours: silver-blue / west country and multi-colour.
EVERITE slate: fibre cement tiles nailed onto battens,
Colours: various.
Re-roofs: Replace perished slate underlay with new SLATEX / SLATEFLEX malthoid membranes.
We also repair all kinds of slate roofs

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